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  • Rabbi Arthur Schneier Park East Day School

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    Extremely negative experience for our family at this school. My kids were new at the school, had come from gifted and talented programs in public school. Halfway through the school year the principal told me both of my children had "maxed out on their intelligence". She said they could not cope in school based on their intelligence alone. She said they were failing in the school, they were not being educated and she gave me an ultimatum - either my children get a neuropsych evaluation ( or the school would not renew our contract again next year. I met with their experienced teachers from their Gifted and Talented programs as well as the principal from their nursery school who were all shocked at what had been said, saying they saw no indication of the allegations with either child and disagreed with the opinions given. We decided to take our children immediately out of Park East and put them back into their previous G&T programs where they continue to flourish.
  • Fisch For The Hip

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    This store is great love the dogs in it. Not to much stuff which is nice
  • Eleven Consignment Boutique

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    Eleven consignment boutique New York or Brooklyn are both amazing stores,full of designer clothing for both men and women. You do not need days here if you know what your looking for.

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