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February 23, 2012


The idea for NY.tv was planted in 2006 while watching the local news in New York. Specifically, it was a feeling that there was so much more going on every single day in a city of almost 19 million people than could be highlighted within a 30 minute local TV show. That feeling has been bothering me ever since.

The information exists of course – New York probably has the greatest and most illustrious media institutions of any city in the world - but how does one tie together the sheer depth of activity, from a film installation at the Whitney to oysters in Soho to the latest from Uncle Gussy’s food cart, to ‘there is a General Grant National Memorial in New York?’

That last item was news to me, I must confess, despite 15 years living in New York.

Some Twists and Turns

We have tried many different approaches over the years trying to crack this puzzle, mostly learning by doing a lot of things (often painfully).

Along the way, however, we built a small production studio in Midtown (Online.tv Productions), took thousands of photos and videos of New York (well, that is Nigel, mostly!), built one of the world’s most advanced platforms for streaming video (VideoPublishing.com) and, finally, we are pulling it all together at NY.tv.

Now What?

We hope that NY.tv will do a couple of things:

(1) Help people find the best content about New York, wherever it might reside. We don’t view ourselves as having an editorial point of view – we simply want to provide an organized, neutral, open guide to speed people along to great content.

(2) Help New York institutions get their message out to New Yorkers (and our visitors). Specifically this means we will be bringing some of the neat tools we built for enterprises to promote themselves and making them available to anyone. More on this soon...

Our beta goes live today – there is still a ton to fix and many things on their way, but it is time to get started letting our friends and family know what we have been up to here.

Finally, we do not have the space here (and I mean that quite literally -- as we have not made the ‘team’ pages) to fully thank our amazing tech, media and content teams on an individual basis, but obviously this would be impossible without their hard work. I give some strategic direction and push and pull a bit, but without them all of this is just theory.

We are here in Midtown most days of the week, so drop us a line at the studio.

Warm regards,

Antonis Polemitis
Managing Director, Ledra Capital

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